Its over. It’s not you, it’s me.

Greetings dear ones. Why the silence for so long? Well, it’s a combination of things. I was receiving some unwanted attention which kinda ruined the fun, and I also got disheartened – call… Continue reading

Running in our own lane

We have a phrase that gets bandied about in our family of churches – “running in your own lane”, meaning everyone doing what they’re best at, and getting on with it. (Inadequate summary… Continue reading

Walking with giants

One of the first surprises when I arrived in the UK was the hug from my cute little baby godson Joseph who has somehow becoming a towering MAN who throws hammers at athletics… Continue reading

A Green day

People who leave England always say they miss how green it is. It’s true – when you fly in over this ‘Green and Pleasant Land’* it’s a patchwork feast of greens – fields… Continue reading

A red, white and blue day

I’ve been in England for 2 weeks now and we’ve talked so much that I am devoid of words. I want to post about our day trip to London but I’m struggling to form sentences… Continue reading

Returning as Aliens

We often feel very foreign here. The time my hairdresser was stressing out because her husband had been hunting and there wasn’t enough room in the freezer for all the meat he’d brought… Continue reading

Why I love Dutch people

Last year I wrote about a place called Tshepong – a victim support centre here in Bloemfontein. It’s badly under-funded but has a brilliant leader, Lani, who keeps her staff inspired and motivated.… Continue reading

Holy Sh*t!

Sometimes we Nichols have those times where things go completely crazy – everything falls on top of everything else, and we get flipped up, spun around and dumped back on our bums. I’ve… Continue reading

One extreme to the other.

Most of last year we were worshiping with 10 or 20 people – sometimes 30, but often just me and Colin plus the dog. Last weekend I had to giggle as we went… Continue reading

Even me??

Gym membership is a massive thing here in SA. There’s a breed of ladies here with flat tummies, long legs and toned arms. Some of them are my friends so I know they… Continue reading