The difficult first post

I should say something arresting or profound but we could be waiting all day. I don’t need to explain the blog because hopefully you’ve clicked on the ‘About’ page for that. I’ll just start with my day today – a pretty typical day.

We waded through a ton of paperwork for three hours solid. It never ends. It is thick with detail and importance and yet it is so boring we want to punch ourselves in the face. We went to the estate agent and sat in their shiny seats for a bit whilst they dazzled us with their charm, then we went to book chest X-rays at the hospital. All things that you don’t envisage when you decide to move, and none of them feeling remotely like ‘an adventure’. I visited some crazy little kids and made Play-doh snails (my signature bake) and got sad on the way home because I won’t be around to watch those crazies grow up. I wrote to the schools to withdraw our own children and thanked the teachers through misty eyes. Teachers should be paid more.

Meanwhile Evie was skiving assembly because her and her friend were asked to wash the paintbrushes and palettes after a lesson. They got really giggly together at the sink because they were pretending the brushes were ladies in the hairdressers, doing their ‘hair’ (bristles) in different styles then drying them with paper towels and calling them “Darlings!”.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is to lie on the trampoline in our back garden and watch the sky, so I grabbed a cup of tea and did that for a while before feeding everyone this evening. I heard all the familiar noises of East Worthing – my neighbour counting to three AGAIN with her son; seagulls hatching a plan to steal somebody’s chips; the wind in our walnut tree; Fin’s phone pinging incessantly with vital texts; Zac’s keep-uppies (kick, shuffle, kick, shuffle, kick-kick-kick…shuffle…. THWACK – hits the shed). A whole lot of ‘normal’ happened today but everything has an tinge of ‘special’ as we are free-falling through the weeks and months towards leaving. Please if you’re local come and share some trampoline time one day, and make it soon!