How not to sell a house





They say that if you want to sell your house you should do certain things, like de-personalise the space so that potential buyers can visualise themselves there. Perhaps buy some cut flowers, bake some bread… fill the house with the tantalising smell of freshly baked cookies or coffee. Not the Nichols. I did buy some beautiful peonies – it seemed like a good excuse. A small team painted over Fin’s spray painted skulls on his bedroom walls. We hid extraneous tat by shoving it into drawers, or up in the attic or under beds. At one point I gave Evie a pile of washing and said “spread this out on your bed and cover it with your duvet”. A few weeks later, at the time of writing we are still looking for certain things….

And as for the smells, well…. nothing says ‘Buy This House’ like the smell of fox urine on school shoes accidentally left outside for a weekend. Or the pungent mix of sick and the bleach that always follows sick. And yet these were the smells we were trying to eradicate around the weekend of our ‘Open House’. I felt pretty chilled because ‘there is a time to plant and a time to uproot’ – in other words, God has a good sense of timing so our faith in Him and the bigger picture takes the edge off any stress. (We did find a buyer quickly and I’ll keep you posted about progress.)

However I wasn’t at ALL chilled when I received this picture from school outlining a Shakespeare outfit needed during that fortnight:
IMG_2396In fact it tipped me over the edge and I shouted at Isaac for being Ferdinand in the Tempest – why couldn’t he just be something easy like a shipwrecked sailor and what did he expect me to do about this picture?? “It’s not MY fault!” he said, so I trotted off to school with two questions: 1) Did I have to replace the fox-wee-shoes with a few weeks left of term? and 2) Had I missed a letter from school saying not to worry, because there was a nice lady waiting somewhere to make this costume for us?!

Luckily I know a ‘nice lady’ in church who saved the day – Marney. Just as well, because life goes on – husbands get sick, children need feeding and apparently doublets need sewing whether you’re selling a house or not. It’s not like on the telly!

Shakespeare costume