Four Seasons in One Day

Yesterday was one of those days where you feel you’ve lived through too many emotions for one day. Every Friday morning our church have an open-day sort of prayer thing where folks can go to pray. We pray for the town, for the nations and for whoever has sent in requests. It has been very special – almost sweet to the taste and I’ve been dreading yesterday as it was the last one. However this tiny feeling was eclipsed with sorrow upon sorrow as we prayed for our friend who was saying goodbye later to her son who had died way too early. Tears flowed, and Colin went on to do the funeral. What do you say at the funeral of a young guy so popular that he had too many friends to fit in the room?

Later on that day we went for chips and a walk along the seafront with one of Colin’s oldest friends…precious times spent catching up on years of family news, introducing our kids to her, showing off our twinkly Worthing Pier, and nosing at the wedding party up on the balcony of The Dome – Worthing at its best.

Photo by Rachel Smith, Colin's ex-GIIIRLfriend! A fine woman she is, too.

Photo by Rachel Smith, Colin’s ex-GIIIRLfriend! A fine woman she is, too.

In between these two events there was a dash of the ridiculous – a round of crazy golf with some mates, which culminated in us mums singing a medley of Lionel Richie songs on the way home, much to our sons’ delight-disguised-as-disgust. It turns out Lionel sang a LOT of songs! We agreed that the day was “Four Seasons in one day”:

“Finding out wherever there is comfort there is pain
Only one step away
Like four seasons in one day” – so crooned Crowded House back in the ’90’s, and I sang along to my mix tape in the Mini Metro around Northumberland.

I figured I’d blog about the day later after the perfect moonlit seafront walk… Well, little did I know that the day had another ‘season’ to go… Instead of sitting quietly writing later I was in A&E watching Evie have her head stitched up after running full-pelt into a metal sign in the dark. It was pretty messy.

As for today there’s been a major air crash a few miles away on the A27 and as we’ve wrestled with endless tiny emotive decisions in the attic, ‘shall I throw away this kite or put it in a charity shop….?’ other people have had their whole lives turn irrevocably on pins. It’s been very eerie listening to the emergency services go back and forth for six hours at the time of writing. I wouldn’t mind betting that the same people who were so kind to us last night in the midst of the drunken mountain biker who had fallen in to barbed wire, and the guy who was spitting his teeth out before going off with the policeman… those same wonderful staff members who were still there at midnight when we left, they will have been called back today. Our Barcelonan doctor was downright fabulous. “What is happen-ned Eh-vie?”, and “Is no worry Eh-vie, Accidents is happen-ned” she said, meaning “Accidents will happen” – another excellent song, this time by Elvis Costello. Our accident only required lots of napkins from the chippy, one long wait and three stitches.

Yes. Emergency doctors, nurses, paramedics – true heroes all, who somehow manage to live life whilst dealing with every facet of human existence as part of their working day – four seasons in every day.