It’s official – it’s September and we’re in Limbo-Land. Limbo Limbo Lim-BO!! And not in a tequila-and-grass-skirts kind of way either, it’s nowhere near as much fun as that.

We’ve emptied the attic. So that’s GOOD.

The kids aren’t going back to school so I’m not doing the whole “Let’s buy a PE kit and another pair of trainers and yet another water bottle and lunch box what do you mean you’ve left your coat at school all summer and how can your shirts ALL be too small?” kind of shopping day. So that’s REALLY GOOD.

We haven’t exchanged on our house so we can’t start to negotiate on a new house. We can’t book a shipping company to pack because we don’t have a moving date. Meanwhile we can’t book tickets or dates to fly because we haven’t got visas through either. We can’t go camping as planned next week because when the visa stuff does come through we need to go straight to London to hand a load of papers to somebody important. We can’t flee the country because Colin’s passport is in SA. That’s all NOT SO GOOD.

Colin is like a little mole burrowing with his bare hands/paws. Instead of earth, he burrows through his laptop. Burrow-burrow-burrow, scrape-scrape-scrape through 13 new emails today alone, just about the visa!! Over this summer his eyebrows have gradually grown together in the middle to make one long hairy caterpillar. I worry that this affliction is permanent. The burrowing stops when we have visitors or we go and visit other people and Colin the Mole surfaces, blinking silently in the sunlight. He realises he is hungry and sometimes needs reorientation therapy. Afterwards he retreats to his laptop. He is carrying the weight of all this, and he’s a very tenacious and patient man. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of him. So that’s EXTREMELY GOOD.