Better than getting rabies

All being well, we are meant to leave the UK a month today, or even yesterday, so I thought I should do some kind of progress report. The trouble is, I’ve given so many updates that I’m really bored of it. In a nutshell: no visa; no house in SA; no house exchange in UK. But to coin our new family phrase, “it’s better than getting rabies”!!

Meanwhile life for living, right? We are learning Afrikaans under the watchful eye of ‘Mrs. Baboon’.


She puts up with a lot of silly behaviour, e.g. certain people waving their legs in the air whilst they remember answers, but she can certainly crack the whip if necessary, and takes no nonsense. Afrikaans seems quite an easy language to learn, although we found out the other day we THINK they say ‘half to 4′ instead of ‘half past 3′?? Seems odd at first, but having thought about it, I quite like the idea of language looking ahead instead of past – oh woe is me, 3 is past, everything is over, it’s all rotting away….

We were stewing in our own juices towards the end of the school holidays, because we couldn’t visit our friends in France as hubby’s passport was in SA. We hadn’t really had much time as a family, so it was amazing when we found a mega-cheap caravan deal on Ebay and went away the next morning. There was a guy at the camp who did bushcraft lessons etc and can you believe it, he spoke Afrikaans too! He was heavily into African birds (feathered), helped Evie make a bird box and lent us some bird-y books. There were kayaks lying under the caravan so the boys went off a lot, enabling me to get a bit of work done. Isaac invented a whole new voice: it’s half Asian, half Smurf: ingenious. Proud mum alert.

IMG_2727And no caravan holiday is complete without a nice tot of cholera each (nurse Jane would be proud). Check out the storage solution for sauces at the caravan! I swear every surface was crowded with innumerable nicknacks – diffusers, candlesticks, Andrex dogs, fairies, life mottos, air fresheners…..

Talking of tots, we said goodbye to our friend Dave Farr who came round for a game of poker before leaving for India. The Nichols pretended to smoke bread sticks (cigars) and drank tots of things (Finnish mint liqueur in my case) from shot glasses whilst listening to JAZZ…. nice… a little gambling den in our very own kitchen.

It’s a bit like waiting for a small operation, but in the meantime we are definitely ‘making our own fun’ as my uni. mates used to say. There is no hint of a rat race, no fear of running round and round a hamster wheel or wrestling a midlife crisis – oh, and we’re not actually running late yet! “Totsiens!”(Bye for now – how cute is my first word?!)