My 15/16 New Year condensed into an egg timer

Less healthy, less active, less everything really,
Dismantling, disengaging, disconnecting,
We’re wringing out, wandering around,
Losing muscles, losing our voices,
“My grace is sufficient for you”.
Borrowing bits, toys, clothes,
Even wheels and houses,
Unemployed, unhooked,
Giving away, getting rid,
We’re becoming less,
Releasing friends,
Selling our home,
Distilling down,
The tide is out.
We’re small,
Big Ben
Heralds in
Times ahead:
Building again,
Exploring the land,
Gathering, investing,
S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g wide.
Training dogs, digging soil,
“Behold I make all things new”.
Choosing paint, Making friends,
Raising the roof, planting gardens,
Swimming in rivers, praying by trees,
Mountaintop footballing, horse-riding, baking,
More partying, more dreaming, more living life in full. More.


This is the clock from Harry Potter World because I don’t have an egg timer and I’m not going out in the rain just for a photo, besides which I’m having a pyjama day so can’t go out in public until it gets dark.