Lift off!

We are off tonight, overnight in fact, to South Africa. We will get there just in the nick of time for the school term to start. We are all sorts of things, ranging from ‘excited’ to ‘scared silly’, and sometimes all at once. I’ve just waved off my dear friend in a taxi and the moon is up – instead of a sideways cheese-wedge, the bottom slither is showing like a smile in the sky because we’re in a different part of the world. I wonder which part of the moon will be visible in Bloemfontein? I wonder which direction sees the rising and setting sun? So many things to wonder about. . . .

One thing I have been careful not to say to our kids is “don’t worry, everything will be fiiiiiine”! Instead I’ve said “it will probably be really difficult but we’ll figure it out as we go along”. Sometimes western christians say things like “well if you’re following God then…. everything will be fiiiiiiine“!! Not so. Google Joan of Arc for a re-cap if you’re not sure. (Not that I’m expecting that kind of aggro of course!)

We are going with what we DO know though – God is with us. He’s not just “Emmanuel” (meaning “God with us”) at Christmastime, he’s Emmanuel all the time. That’s his promise and it’s enough.