All five of 5gofurther now in double figures!

My youngest had her 10th birthday the other day – quite rude of her so soon after we’ve arrived. We’re staying in a guest house, self-catering, with one set of crockery, and none of the normal stuff you need to make birthdays go with a swing (the old banner you bring out every birthday, the well-known mums you meet with to explain the plan, the stuff around the house you use to make some kind of props, the baking stuff you haul out to make some sort of cake … etc).

So what DID we have?

1. A pool for a start – so that says ‘Pool Party’. YEY!

2. SA seems to have a huge thing for parties so they have MASSIVE party shops, with everything you could imagine all in one place – whole aisles dedicated just to HATS for example! Fancy dress heaven. Plastic palm leaves, grass skirts, garlands….. so that said ‘Hawaiin theme’.

IMG_1483 3. We met a man in the mall who was doing balloon modelling- we got chatting about church as he had some interesting thoughts. We invited him along to get to know him more, so THAT says: ‘Random balloon-modelling clown-person coming to our house – let’s hope he shows up and he knows what he’s doing, and by the way Evie is scared of clowns ever since a drunk clown came leering up behind her in the dark at a carnival in Devon’

4. We have a computer so we could access Hawaiin background music. That says ‘hula dancing’ and also Taylor Swift who says ‘If all else fails, play ‘Shake it off’ cos that works all round the world surely?!!’

5. We have a bar in the guest house (I know – it sounds crazy back in the UK but here it’s a thing.. with an indoor BBQ often, and the heads of wild animals on the wall). Our bar is clean and modern, so THAT says: ‘Ice cream cafe with a selection of sprinkles and chocolate sauce’.


What a handsome scoop-er. (WHY didn’t we think to use the basher??!)

6. The family who came out before us from Worthing have a pro cake maker, Diane. So THAT says ‘Cake GOLD has been struck’. Diane is… and you can contact her on or ask me for her phone number. Anything you can imagine, she can turn into cake, and it tastes great too. I think Evie’s cake is perfect, and the girls said it was divine. (“Di-vahhhhhhhhhnnnn”)


I still felt ‘the doom’ as my mate Rach calls it, leading up to the party. There were so many unknowns, and I hadn’t heard from some mums and then I lost my phone so they couldn’t contact me, and I couldn’t tell if they had or hadn’t tried. I hardly know anyone, and I wasn’t sure if pool parties are OK here, or over-done and boring, and I wasn’t sure if the girls knew each other or would like the same things we like… gaaaahhhhh.

But it was great. We gathered the girls together after school and brought them back here safely. There was a bit of confusion about who was coming and who was still deciding, and who had gone home to fetch clothes, but we got there in the end. They were delightful – so sweet and polite, and they joined in with everything with great excitement. The balloon guy, Samuel, read the situation perfectly, and entertained them with pool games and then balloons, and even face painting. He is contactable on

Check out their expressions as they watched him create a Pink Panther…. (in slow mo. for extra dramatic effect!)

Everyone was happy, especially me as it seems Evie has hit upon a lovely school and she’s well on the way to making some really great friends.


The biggest complement on our way back to boarding school came from Bella, Evie’s friend, saying “When it’s my birthday, I want you to bring me one thing: SAMUEL”. I could have kissed her.

Oh sweet relief……..