When life gives you lemons…

‘When life gives you lemons,’ the saying goes, ‘make lemonade’.

We interpret that ‘When life gives you a sad week, expanses of tiled flooring and no furniture to chew, buy a PUPPY!!’

Yes, readers, we Nichols finally honoured our promise of buying a puppy when we moved to South Africa, and it was a very timely bit of retail-therapy. He brightens up our days (as well as breaking up our nights like a newborn baby). He is a friendly chap, with a knack for nodding off anytime, anywhere – a true Nichols. I present to you… Ron Burgundy:


Making the house a home with one ball of fluff…

IMG_1601The rental house has CCTV so you can see him trotting around as if he’s in ‘Mission Impossible’. Here he is fearlessly guarding our plastic table and chair. Thanks Ronnie, you’re our hero.



IMG_1605And here he is walking the perimeters of the building, checking for intruders so we can all sleep safely in our beds at night. Ron-Ron the rescuer. Ha!

So that’s our big news. We are now SIX GO FURTHER. This rental house isn’t ideal for the long term so we may as well move on ASAP. I am frantically trying to find a house to buy with a little fire where Ronnie can warm his paws in winter, and a big garden where he can cavort in summer, chasing ants and warning off potentially hazardous butterflies. I will keep you posted..