A jumble of jollity

We have one more sleep in our rented house then we go on holiday. Here is a selection of crazy snapshots from our time here.

IMG_2118IMG_2117Evie made these window decorations for her room (instead of curtains). They are practical as well as beautiful – it’s always good to keep hair clips and ear muffs handy, I’m sure you’ll agree. I do wonder about the practicality of hanging up a slinky though, because what if you need it in an emergency? It would take ages to untwist it from the string. (I kept my opinion to myself.)



This house never got a fair crack at being a dream home as we had no furniture. I never want to lie on an air bed again. EVER. Here is a classic example of our family whatsapp chat during this time – it came through on my phone one day when I was out at the shops. Fin texted the top two messages, then Isaac the third. They will have a lot of material for their therapists when they’re grown up.







IMG_2111We did actually end up buying a TV which we couldn’t watch as it wasn’t connected, but it is a big one, and it’s great for gaming. (It turns out that boys like killing things on games no matter where they live on the earth!) Check out Fin’s makeshift DOOR he invented for his room. They say necessity is the mother of invention.




Goodbye Billy, Bobby, Brenda and Belinda. It’s been a bit stressful keeping you alive – we run out of electricity sometimes because we forget to top it up and then you get no oxygen. Also we needed to feed you regularly, and re-fill the pond as it’s got a massive leak. Colin got all engineer-y and measured the water flow in a coke bottle so that we can stand our ground with the estate agent when the bill arrives. He reckons you’ve taken 760 litres per week. Anyway, THANK you for staying alive during our watch (against all odds!)




Whilst we’re in the garden, Goodbye animal statues! You look extra creepy by the coloured lighting of night – I am sure I saw you move one day. THANK you for not coming alive when I heard the leaves rustle by the little fountain out the front. Please never mention this to Evie.

I’m very glad I spent a few months in this area of the city because I’m not sure I’d have explored it otherwise. I’ve met a lovely hairdresser up the road and a sewing teacher down the road. I love the market at the top (a whole blog post in itself) and the palm trees along the middle of the road. But it’s time for us to move on. Bye for now, Totius Street (and no, I still can’t pronounce it properly). We are off on an enormous road trip to our friends’ holiday home by the sea.

A very Happy Easter to you all, lovely readers x x