Fresh air

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I bet most of you have been busy-busy too, cramming in tasks and ticking off lists. It sometimes feels like we all live life by trying to stuff it into boxes, sitting on the lids afterwards in case some of it escapes – it’s exhausting. Well here’s a picture of simpler times.. life by the seaside in the Eastern Cape.

I met these little beauties as we were walking on the beach one evening on our holiday. There they were, sitting in their knickers with splinters of shells stuck all over their fingers and toes. They were chatting and giggling together as they bashed oysters apart with stones, then they would pick the meat out of the cracks they’d made, and suck the juices from their fingers. It’s always fun showing kids the photo afterwards as they usually collapse into giggles at the sight of themselves.


On the hills around the coastline there were herds of goats and cows, usually shepherded by little topless boys with big sticks. At the end of the day these boys would sprint full-pelt down the hills, and pile into the rock pools. It was pure joy to watch. I love the way this splash makes it look like this hot, sweaty boy is caught in a dance at the end of his working day.


And then as night drew in, the atmosphere quietened down and the serious business of fishing took over. Waiting for a bite….thinking big thoughts or just whiling away the hours on daydreams. Yes, simpler times. I hope you can vicariously enjoy them today if you’ve been overloaded too x