Origami, heatwaves and brickdust

The calm before the storm….




These were my last bits of decoration before we emptied our living area and kitchen – they’re made by the fair hands of my lovely friend Becky for her wedding and I promised I’d take them to South Africa so here they are!



The next day our house looked like this:


I had to laugh because I found my instagram post from two years ago… look what I wrote at the bottom – ha ha!







(South African friends, I thought it would be nice to show you the Sussex Downs, which run along the South coast of the UK where we lived.)






The UK had a sunny weekend last week and my friends were celebrating all over Facebook with their BBQ’s etc. I read a piece of The Telegraph which made me laugh called “Why are the British so bad at handling a heatwave?”. I quote Bryony Gordon: “The heat tricks our brains into believing we are not, actually, due in a meeting in accounts, but on holiday….. And so we go into full on celebration mode. Walking through central London on Thursday, I was quite astonished by the number of people standing outside pubs at 12.15pm, knocking back glasses of rosé. It’s an evolutionary thing I’m sure: go big or go home, because who knows when it will be this nice again? It could be 2017. It probably *will* be 2017.” 

Ahhh Brits, I miss you and your self-deprecating humour. We are doing our very best to get this place ready for you to come and visit ASAP for more of that sunshine. We’ll even stock up on rosé for ya. xx