Renovator Ron

We are three weeks into our major house renovation. Everything is covered in a fine layer of brick dust. You empty out the washing basket (not that the washing machine is necessarily working) and as you shake the clothes free, a pool of brick dust gathers at the bottom. You eat some crisps and wonder ‘mmm, is this acidic flavour a new basalmic vinegar?’ and realise it’s brick dust. You roll over in bed and the sheets feel gritty. Your feet feel gritty, your hair feels gritty. Daily life is gritty.


Sometimes in life we’re asked what the secret is to our resilience. Who is our ‘ever-present help in times of trouble?’ Who is the rock, the fortress, the provider of daily energy and joy??

Ron Burgundy. Sorry no, I meant Jesus of course ….! Well OK, maybe both. The joy of the Lord is our strength… but Ronnie certainly helps too.

How would we have been able to test if cement is set without Ron doing his Professional Paw Test? How would the builders have coped without him cheering them on – leaping into the pile of sand, then running through the wet grass then leaping into the sand again? It’s all been one long party for him.

It started when we moved everything from our kitchen and lounge into the garage. “Cool!” thought Ron, “Now I’ve got a selection of soft furnishings to sleep on at night!” In the morning when we roll up the garage door….. POP! Up comes his little head from where he’s been luxuriating on blankets and cushions or maybe even the chaise longue. He is bright and breezy, having gathered his strength for another day playing with his gang of mates, the builders.

They bought several brooms to sweep mess into piles around the house. “Cool,” thought Ron, “I LOVE chasing brooms backwards and forwards and I REALLY LOVE catching bristles and FIGHTING them”. They piled up rubbish and bits of wood out in the garden. “Excellent,” thought Ron, “I can forage in there and eat stuff that’s been rotting inside the walls – CHECK OUT MY MANLY SURVIVAL SKILLS!” They piled up bricks and Ron climbed up to the very top looking like a rescue dog in the foggy desolation after an earthquake. They wore lace up shoes and Ron POUNCED on the laces and WRESTLED THEM INTO SUBMISSION. They rolled up an old carpet and left it outside. Ronnie immediately commandeered it as a sun lounger for his afternoon snooze…




And when his work is done at the end of the day, he settles down with his little huffy-puffy sigh and deposits a little pool of dust on your lap/ duvet/ dressing gown. Yes, Ron is born for Renovations. Just as well as it looks like we’ll be doing a lot more building in future as our way of making a living. I wonder if he’ll be quite as enthusiastic after we take the vet’s advice and have his “batteries taken out”?!!