“A time to tear down and a time to build”

We are deep into Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere and it’s beautiful. It took me a while to realise what the difference is…. instead of foggy dampness we have bright skies which really show off the autumnal colours. Zing-a-ling!


Remember me saying my mate Vicki called Autumn “a mess”? Well, it’s a mess here too… dead stuff everywhere, rotting down to make way for new life. Seasons come and seasons go – but it’s all good. The writer of Ecclesiastes knew it too.


Dead stuff never looked so good…

Meanwhile we are busy tearing down walls in our house and building new spaces. It’s the same in our ‘mission’ here – we are breaking down walls between cultures and building a new church. By that I mean building people into a community rather than using bricks to make a church building. Maybe communities take longer to create than buildings but I like to think they are a lot more precious.

In the same passage of scripture it says there is ‘a time to be born and a time to die’. I wasn’t expecting to write about death when I was planning this blog post but that’s death for ya – it likes to jump out from the shadows and give you a shock. I doubt the bible is referring to beloved pets but while I’m on the page, I’ll tell you that yesterday it was our little doggie’s time to die. His insatiable appetite for exploring didn’t mix well with his failure to grasp any concept of road safety. Our builders have been coming and going, leaving the gates open…… no further explanation needed.

We are all still reeling from the shock of it so for now all I’ll say is that Ronnie spent his last days rolling and frolicking in tiny African autumn leaves and they’ll always remind me of him. No more scruffles and snuffles with our hilarious puppy. It is tough but all we can do is continue to entrust our family to God – whatever season we’re in.