The art of Venn

Here at “Springs” we are slowly moving towards the state of Utopia called “Sorted Out”. Most days include a positive step forwards, but a lot of days involve a small step backwards too, which can be wearying. We are still battling to get proper wifi, and (I don’t care how cross-culturally-insensitive or whatever I sound) I think that that’s ridiculous.

It might sound a bit crazy that we’re still getting sorted at all, but that’s the thing with a renovation – it’s new walls even. Think about it:  where do you put your loo roll? Oh right, we need a loo roll holder. Where do you hang your dressing gown? Oh right, we need a hook. Today was a great day – we got a towel rail (!!) and tomorrow we will put it on the wall! I’m unpacking towels, sheets and sleeping bags and putting them into a cupboard we built where we removed a tiny toilet. Another small step further forwards – I’ll spare you the photo but you can imagine neat piles on shelves – yippee. There have been huge leaps forwards, involving issues which I sometimes felt would never be resolved. Those times are usually a combination of a few things coming together at the same time to make a Happy Place in the middle, best demonstrated in a Venn diagram thus:


Making my own fun (it’s a gift)


I could do another – the combination of a desk in a place that’s not freezing cold, a computer with a UK adapter on, and that most precious commodity: headspace. (“Go and ask your dad/ Stop talking to me all at the same time/ I can’t listen to you any more, my ears are bleeding/ That’s not my problem/ I don’t understand your homework either/ Well make yourself a sandwich then”)

Other Venn Diagram Moments are sooooo near I can nearly taste them but they’re still not actually a reality. I have the elements, but they’re not all brought together yet to make that sweet spot in the middle.


(How hard can it be…??) 


I have loved the positive half of this process – unpacking, building, rediscovering treasures and choosing where to put them. It’s been really fun putting things next to things that used to be next to other things – ha! This is my favourite combo so far.



I got that big vase for 80p at a car boot sale. The lady was emigrating to Norway. Man I miss car boot sales….

On the right, a photo of the world taken from space. Col and I bought it in London when we were first married. Next to it: a print of Japela, taken from a portrait by Sarah, daughter of Gavin and Lynne in Clarens. Japela used to live on Sunnyside Farm near Clarens – after experiencing healing from God he gathered up his village and brought them to meet his friend Steve Oliver. They wanted to know about Jesus – you could say that they were the start of Dihlabeng church and therefore the start of us. You can marvel at more examples of Sarah’s incredible talent here on her facebook page

A church plant amongst the poorest of the poor – it’s good to have Japela up on the wall to remind us why we’re here (especially when I get antsy about my Venn diagram life. I’d recommend this to everyone: pretend you’re emigrating, keep only what you love, re-build your home with what’s left and see what happens with what’s left. OK, maybe not your whole home but a small space instead – your paperclip collection. Small steps!

This process has certainly helped me appreciate things more. Lately my absolute favourite sentence to hear Colin utter is this: “I’m charging up my electric drill overnight…”