We all start as strangers

Being a ‘newbie’ in town means you have to be brave and talk to people, smile and even tell your life story a gazillion times if asked. Sometimes it’s too much effort or it’s not practical because people are behind you in a queue and you’re just trying to quickly buy some bread and milk – I do have a life you know(!). Other times I relish it – it’s kind of fun thinking ‘any minute now I could meet my New Best Friend!!’




One such day I went to a craft fair which I’d seen on Facebook. I dragged Evie half way round while I talked to e_ver_y_one (which is why I say ‘halfway round’). I loved all the bits and pieces, the crafts and the snacks of course. A very stylish lady was running a vintage stall – she was older than me and it turned out that she’d started the whole market up: Marlene. Also, she’s a writer too – creating a magazine for christian teenage girls (a much bigger market here than the UK) – you can see that magazine at ‘That’s my Girl’. (Prepare to be impressed.)

That morning I’d written on facebook “I’m going to find a crochet teacher”. It was my mission of the day. I’ll never forget Marlene taking me over to a lady selling crocheted VW camper vans, saying, “Rebecca, this is our new friend Pamela”.

Was there ever a better way of making a person feel welcome? These two ladies are now firm friends of mine, and we have resurrected their old crochet group called ‘The Happy Hookers’ – ha! More on that another day.

I have tucked Marlene’s beautiful little phrase away in the back of my mind for an occasion when it’s my turn to welcome a stranger. You can have it for free from me. Please write and tell me though, if you ever use it.

For local readers, here’s details of the next market this Saturday:

Westdene market advert