On this day in history

Facebook has this little habit of popping up a memory from the same day on previous years. Yesterday mine was from 2009 when I had written that I “agreed with Evie: there are too many ladies and mans and peoples about”. Maybe it was the Xmas run-up already? Anyway the memory got me thinking about the date and I realised that yesterday marked a year since our leaving party in the UK! What a crazy few weeks that was … saying good bye to relations, including Colin’s dad who turned 80:


Good genes eh?

We were squashing in trips and things that we had always meant to do but never got round to doing. Guess where…?

And we were seeing people. Loads and loaaaaaaads of people:



A takeaway curry from over the road! How easy!

Anyway, the leaving party: it had a few random elements, eg. some surprising African dancing and some people that neither of us even recognised – sweet of them to come though. The memory that makes me giggle the most is dancing with Terry Scard (60) to “I’m sexy and I know it”. Dear Terry – he reeeally didn’t want to behave like that but he did it for me, and it made me happy. Terry is coming over here soon so maybe we’ll re-enact that moment….

I don’t remember thinking “I wonder what I’ll be doing on this day next year” but if I had, then this blog post would be the answer:

Yesterday I woke up very warm even though it’s only October and summer hasn’t really kicked off. The birdsong here is raucous and prolonged – the birds are up early (presumably to catch the proverbial worms) and therefore so are we. I did 3 or 4 sink-fuls of washing up as our dishwasher has been broken for months now. It has become part of our lifestyle, and I watched “Say yes to the dress” at the same time – my new Sunday morning guilty pleasure. We went round to some friends as she was teaching me how to make a typical South African curry ‘Natal Indian in origin but showing Cape Malay influences’. (We don’t have indian takeaways here – waaaaaahhhhhh! A good business opportunity for someone – could it be you?) Seeing as I’d just realised I hadn’t really dressed up or worn heels since that party a year ago, I made a bit of effort and went Bollywood-styleeee much to the annoyance of my teenage sons. Yes, that’s a fake Bindi on my forehead. Because I wanted to, kids. Deal with it.

I knew I would get on well with this lady, Marisa, because when we first met she told me she used to be a drum majorette at university and she met her husband because he was the choreographer. Ha ha! By her own admission, she was “a bit distracted” at university. ANYway now husband’s a heart surgeon and he enjoyed asking Colin deep, brainy questions about the old testament over our samosas. The family used to practise the jewish faith so have a lot of interesting thoughts – Colin’s perfect day really! We had some beers and laughs then had to tear ourselves away because the church meets weekly in our house at 2.30. As we left their house, the Pretorius family were literally passing bowls of puddings through the windows as if we were at a drive-thru. We whizzed back home for our meeting. There were 12 of us including 3 students and our puppy Rex,  who doesn’t create any washing up, love him. We worshiped whilst the 6 kids screamed on the trampoline or joined in on-and-off or did homework. Isaac played on his drum box. Colin did a little talk about Matthew 9 and 10 and we talked of plans for finding a building for the new year when we’ll go more public. We had to nip out for sugar because people in SA seem to go through a lot – 3 sugars in tea is not unusual!

Then our friend Shaun arrived who is an architect. He is giving us advice on how to split our garden up into 2 plots so we can make some money, but he actually stayed until 11 because we started putting the world to rights (well not the whole world, just South Africa, which is a bit of a job because it’s a hugely complicated mix of extremes, opportunities, pain and past hurts). I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the two men because, well.. look, they are so funny together! Caption competition anyone?


We did a LOT of washing up yesterday but as my friend Kath once told me, there’s mess because there’s LIFE. I think if I could have foreseen the day a year ago I’d have been quite happy and relieved. We had a bit of family time, a bit of churchy stuff, a bit of housey stuff and a dash of Bollywood. It’s good to take stock sometimes.