And on the 8th day God created the Cheetahs Fan…

After His day off, God made another breed of man, destined for life in the Free State. He stamped the rules of RUGBY upon his very soul. A man who knew how to PARTY. He would set up his braai in the carpark outside the stadium and make a day of it – bring a portable fridge along….. This man loved Toyotas and Harley Davidsons more than I love fabric shops and bobble trim.


He probably liked the cheer leaders even more though…

He would wave flags. He would beat his BARE CHEST and wear stuffed cheetahs as hats or scarves even if was blisteringly hot. He would yell “CHEEEEEEE-TAHHHHHHHS”until he was red in the face, with no breath left in his lungs.

God poured BEER through his bloodstream. He ran PASSION through his veins. He mixed his skin with a liberal helping of face paint – orange for the background and black for the spots.



It was tiring watching the Cheetahs win the Currie Cup a few Saturdays ago, so some of us needed a lie down afterwards….


These were men who made you glad to be alive – glad to share the moment with them.

And God saw that it was good.