A kiss in the clouds

Since moving, one of the major triggers that sets me off moaning and whining is TELLY. I miss British TV and radio, with all its humour and banter, and I miss knowing about new films being released at the cinema, hearing reviews about them and having the chance to watch them. So I was pretty excited about getting on the plane to Dubai – our base for the long summer holidays. (Yes, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere but it’s also Christmas – weird eh?) Flying meant 8 hours of solid catching-up-on-films whilst being brought food and drink regularly. Yep, I’m generally a Happy Flyer! BUT disaster struck – my headphone socket wasn’t working. They tried to re-boot the system a few times during the next hour, during which time I got more and more agitated. Meanwhile Isaac only wanted to play battleships and look at sports news. He is a very kind soul and offered to swap seats with me so we did.

Isaac has always had a huge capacity for joy. Here is the earliest photo I have of him on my laptop.  He is naturally generous and sensitive to others – always has been.


But he can also slip into pure misery. Sometimes we talk about being manipulative – going for sympathy by looking forlorn. I tell him it doesn’t work – it’s far better to communicate properly and be straight forward.

How wrong I have been. Soon, Isaac was looking mournfully into space. If I spoke to him he told me to leave him alone – to ‘not put him off’ !!!! Yes, readers, he was going for the heart strings of the cabin crew. Here’s what happened next:

They begged to make it up to him. He had souvenir photos taken and his pick of an array of fancy puddings. Isaac ate a passionfruit tart with some sort of Business Class Coulis, and a mango cheesecake, all washed down with fresh orange juice. We had a rubbery excuse for a brownie. Isaac had a trip to the cockpit, tried on the pilot’s hat and ate some of his food too!

The rest of the flight was spent hanging out with the stewardesses – swapping life stories and hearing about the time that one of them flew up to the ceiling during turbulence. She was called Cherry.


And here’s my favourite:


How very glamorous airbourne life can be.

By the end, we were all ushered in. ‘Oh are you with Isaac? Come through…’. We saw the finger-print ID security screen and the James Bond-y camera that stops Normal People going where we were going. To be honest, it was hard to know what to actually say except “what does that button do…..?”

It was also hard to know what to say to Isaac – I didn’t know whether to be proud of him or what. As I said, I was wrong: maybe manipulation works!