The year after the year before

This time a year ago we had sold our house and put our stuff into storage. We had left our jobs and schools, said a load of good byes and moved over to Dubai to wait for our visas. Colin remembers one day when I asked him, “what if they say no?” . He had no idea what to say. There was no plan B. It was a difficult few months.

Well they said yes. And this year in Dubai we had fun without the list of uncertainties hovering around. Here’s what we did on the last day of the year. We visited the souks in the old bit of the city – it’s one of the only things you can do here without selling any body parts or re-mortgaging your house. You can catch a boat which is always fun, and when you step off the other side you’re in a different world – all buzzy and colourful and quite beautiful.


There are people there from all over the world so it’s entertaining listening to their conversations. I heard one American girl yell “Oh my GAAD, these shoes are the ones from ‘Sex in the City’!”. The souk is full of shiny things. If I can blatantly generalise for a minute, the women get drawn in and stare through the windows whilst the men feel their life draining from their bodies and find themselves growing old on the spot.

We were with 3 little girl cousin magpies. They had attitude, they had spendies and they were ready to SHOP.


Evie from South Africa with her cousin from Dubai, and her cousin from the Lebanon

And can you believe it, through a mixture of bartering and giggling, we ended up with four more camels who were added to our extensive family of camels.


These 2 boy cousins made their own fun by pretending to be Russian/ Finnish/ French with the stall holders – comedy basics but it’s still fun. Usually the guys sussed them out as being English. “Lovely Jubberly!”, they said when they realised. “Diamond Geezer!”, “Cheaper than Chips!”. The boys looked at knives, smelled spices and pretended they were being drugged. Stranger Danger.


At one point the boys were reading the back of a label which said ‘made in China’ when another customer, a lady, took off her sunglasses and said “Hey! I’M made in China!”. Even more hilarity ensued. It didn’t take much to set them off to be honest.

After some big plates of chips amidst Christmas tinsel and seagulls, we made our way back as the sun went down. Check out how near the boats get to each other!

Then my favourite moment of the day happened. This sweet man had his first selfie (he was happier than he looks I promise).  When we docked we said ‘Happy New Year’ to each other before he laboriously heaved himself up on to his feet using the very top of my thigh for leverage – ha ha!


Happy New Year! There’s lots of quite depressing stuff around on the internet about last year and this new year. I was feeling under pressure to write something profound but instead I thought I’d just share our last day of 2016 with you. Hope it made you smile.