Thinking Big in the sunflowers

I am not much of a conference person but I AM a God-person so I really enjoyed this one. We went to Master Builders conference last week in Clarens. We took 28 people from Bloem, which was very encouraging. One of our church values is that people can ‘come as they are’ – in other words, everyone is accepted. We have a bit of a running joke that we include our dogs to bulk up the numbers. Well, we have now branched out to include hamsters. Meet Flossie:


Come as you are, even if you’re covered in embarrassing body hair. 

There was a LOT of very exuberant dancing and I narrowly escaped injury – eg. trampled feet, burst ear drums courtesy of an unrestrained whistle-owner, and poked-out eyes thanks to one girl’s weave flapping up and down in my face – ha ha! It was hilarious fun. The guys here can turn the naffest song, eg. ‘There’s no-one, there’s no-one like Jesus’ into a jazz-funk fusion number with a walking bass that’s so cool you have to join in, even if you’re an Englishman quietly tapping one foot.

Our family of churches is caught up in a massive amount of activity all over the world. Somebody had drawn a representation of it on the chalkboard behind the stage. There we are, right down in the bottom left corner…


I am glad to be involved in a movement that DOES stuff and it’s amazing to dream big and celebrate together. More importantly though, it has a heart, so I came home completely loved-up with Regions Beyond, having enjoyed God and God-given friends. Back to dear old Bloem-y, a year to the day since we got our house keys. I always love driving past the fields of sunflowers in the Free State, and most special of all, we love the deliriously happy welcome we get from our puppies.