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A Green day

People who leave England always say they miss how green it is. It’s true – when you fly in over this ‘Green and Pleasant Land’* it’s a patchwork feast of greens – fields… Continue reading

A red, white and blue day

I’ve been in England for 2 weeks now and we’ve talked so much that I am devoid of words. I want to post about our day trip to London but I’m struggling to form sentences… Continue reading

We all start as strangers

Being a ‘newbie’ in town means you have to be brave and talk to people, smile and even tell your life story a gazillion times if asked. Sometimes it’s too much effort or… Continue reading

Different is tiring

One of the things we’re told about Bloem is that everyone disappears in the holidays – more on this another day. When our first school holiday rolled around in March we were therefore… Continue reading

“A time to tear down and a time to build”

We are deep into Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere and it’s beautiful. It took me a while to realise what the difference is…. instead of foggy dampness we have bright skies which… Continue reading

Are You Syrious?

…Talking of women with a passion…. My mate Fiver was in Jo’burg recently and she was riding on the crest of a creative wave which culminated in her first solo art exhibition. It… Continue reading

Take the weather with you

I think it’s time I lifted my head from schools, houses, cars, banking and phone to show you where we are. Before we arrived there was a prolonged drought, but during our first… Continue reading

The Elephant in the room

My dear friend Caroline made me a quilt. Out of the blue, sitting in Maldoons, I was fumbling around with the realisation that she’d been beavering away in secret, planning the design, sourcing… Continue reading

Finland in a capsule

OK Finland fans, your wait is over: here is the rest of the news from my trip. The first thing I wanted to report is that people are very quiet over there –… Continue reading

How it all began

So how does a family from Sussex by the Sea end up deeply involved in the Kingdom of Lesotho in the middle of South Africa? How did we end up watching telly in… Continue reading