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3 Day Rollercoaster of the Housing variety

What a difference a week makes. We woke up on Friday without feeling like it was the middle of the night. Waking up today (Saturday) at 7.30 felt like a lie in! Nobody… Continue reading

Lift off!

We are off tonight, overnight in fact, to South Africa. We will get there just in the nick of time for the school term to start. We are all sorts of things, ranging… Continue reading

Five Go Nowhere

They call Worthing “God’s waiting room” because so many elderly people live here. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, and why they’re so negative, but funnily enough that description is quite fitting for… Continue reading

Uprooting a House of Fun

We are currently moving out of our house, and it feels like being in a hot air balloon (not that I’ve been in a hot air balloon). I’ve seen balloonists (?) on films,… Continue reading

You are the boss of you

The Doom. The Doom… Those thoughts that come in the night, when there’s nobody to talk to and no distractions. “What if it all goes wrong and we don’t get visas, what if… Continue reading

Escape to the Forest

As soon as we decided we’d be moving away, I noticed very Buzzy Bees in my Bonnet about things I haven’t managed to do here yet. I haven’t seen much of Europe and… Continue reading