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Different is tiring

One of the things we’re told about Bloem is that everyone disappears in the holidays – more on this another day. When our first school holiday rolled around in March we were therefore… Continue reading

“A time to tear down and a time to build”

We are deep into Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere and it’s beautiful. It took me a while to realise what the difference is…. instead of foggy dampness we have bright skies which… Continue reading

The welcoming Free State

This post is a ‘thank you’ for a little girl I know in Bloemfontein called Isabelle. It was her mum’s birthday breakfast today and I was lucky enough to go along. Last night… Continue reading

Unsung heroes

I learnt an Afrikaans phrase the other day, “Hy suit aan die agterspeen” which means “He sucks on the hind teat”. In other words he’s the ‘runt of the litter’, getting insufficient nutrition… Continue reading

The End of the Beginning

Dear Bloemfontein, I’ve been here for a whole school term now, so here’s some of my favourite things (just off the top of my head). I love your STOP signs – they’re so… Continue reading

Mixing with the poor and famous

Isaac wrote about a day last week for his homework, saying something like “It started off like any other casual day…”. For me, it didn’t start like that at all. I woke up… Continue reading

All five of 5gofurther now in double figures!

My youngest had her 10th birthday the other day – quite rude of her so soon after we’ve arrived. We’re staying in a guest house, self-catering, with one set of crockery, and none… Continue reading

Take the weather with you

I think it’s time I lifted my head from schools, houses, cars, banking and phone to show you where we are. Before we arrived there was a prolonged drought, but during our first… Continue reading

“Turn and face the strange”

(Lyrics from “Changes” – my own little tribute to David Bowie – when I was in a pub band I used to love his songs the most as they had the best basslines… Continue reading

Bloem in June

So where are we going? It’s about time we discussed this. I’d only been for a day or so before deciding to move there during a traumatic week in February. Of course I… Continue reading