The End of the Beginning

Dear Bloemfontein, I’ve been here for a whole school term now, so here’s some of my favourite things (just off the top of my head). I love your STOP signs – they’re so… Continue reading

When life gives you figs..

When life gives you figs.. move in. Yes, we have bought a house and it has a fig tree! Funnily enough it has a lemon tree too (for the bad days?) I guess… Continue reading

Battling for land

We Nichols are still battling for our own little patch in the new homeland. We never could have foreseen what a battle it would be, but here we are – involved in our… Continue reading

When life gives you lemons…

‘When life gives you lemons,’ the saying goes, ‘make lemonade’. We interpret that ‘When life gives you a sad week, expanses of tiled flooring and no furniture to chew, buy a PUPPY!!’ Yes,… Continue reading

An overdue Moan-fest.

OK it’s getting on for late February and we packed up our stuff into a container in mid-October. We’ve had Christmas and two birthdays. People say it’s liberating living out of a suitcase.… Continue reading

Mixing with the poor and famous

Isaac wrote about a day last week for his homework, saying something like “It started off like any other casual day…”. For me, it didn’t start like that at all. I woke up… Continue reading

All five of 5gofurther now in double figures!

My youngest had her 10th birthday the other day – quite rude of her so soon after we’ve arrived. We’re staying in a guest house, self-catering, with one set of crockery, and none… Continue reading

Take the weather with you

I think it’s time I lifted my head from schools, houses, cars, banking and phone to show you where we are. Before we arrived there was a prolonged drought, but during our first… Continue reading

3 Day Rollercoaster of the Housing variety

What a difference a week makes. We woke up on Friday without feeling like it was the middle of the night. Waking up today (Saturday) at 7.30 felt like a lie in! Nobody… Continue reading

Carrying bricks

This is a brick. His name is Jack Foord. We created him as part of last night’s homework as Isaac has to carry him round for 3 weeks at school. If Jack gets… Continue reading