“Turn and face the strange”

(Lyrics from “Changes” – my own little tribute to David Bowie – when I was in a pub band I used to love his songs the most as they had the best basslines… Continue reading

Lift off!

We are off tonight, overnight in fact, to South Africa. We will get there just in the nick of time for the school term to start. We are all sorts of things, ranging… Continue reading

Cashing in our chips

This is it readers, we’ve left the UK. Our visas came through on Tuesday, whilst we were killing time in London. We were sitting in Pizza Express, using up vouchers when the email… Continue reading

One word:


My 15/16 New Year condensed into an egg timer

Less healthy, less active, less everything really, Dismantling, disengaging, disconnecting, We’re wringing out, wandering around, Losing muscles, losing our voices, “My grace is sufficient for you”. Borrowing bits, toys, clothes, Even wheels and… Continue reading

Jingling all the way

AS promised, tra la la la LAAAAAAA, here is my Christmassy blog offering. An festive array of Thought Baubles if you will… Background: My first glimpse of impending Christmas doom happened around mid-November… Continue reading

Five Go Nowhere

They call Worthing “God’s waiting room” because so many elderly people live here. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, and why they’re so negative, but funnily enough that description is quite fitting for… Continue reading

Advent Eye

My body has a knack of telling me I’m overloaded in life via the gift of an eye twitch. It is like having a toddler on a space hopper bouncing in your face… Continue reading

Mercedes Mom

On of the main challenges of living in Dubai is the traffic. There are a few roads with seven lanes, the main one being The Sheikh Zayed Highway. I filmed a brief snippet… Continue reading

Blue-sky Thinking

Definitions noun creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs This piece of management jargon has been adopted by my friend Maria and I when we need to justify sitting… Continue reading