It’s official – it’s September and we’re in Limbo-Land. Limbo Limbo Lim-BO!! And not in a tequila-and-grass-skirts kind of way either, it’s nowhere near as much fun as that. We’ve emptied the attic. So… Continue reading

Four Seasons in One Day

Yesterday was one of those days where you feel you’ve lived through too many emotions for one day. Every Friday morning our church have an open-day sort of prayer thing where folks can… Continue reading

The Elephant in the room

My dear friend Caroline made me a quilt. Out of the blue, sitting in Maldoons, I was fumbling around with the realisation that she’d been beavering away in secret, planning the design, sourcing… Continue reading

Finland in a capsule

OK Finland fans, your wait is over: here is the rest of the news from my trip. The first thing I wanted to report is that people are very quiet over there –… Continue reading

How it all began

So how does a family from Sussex by the Sea end up deeply involved in the Kingdom of Lesotho in the middle of South Africa? How did we end up watching telly in… Continue reading

Escape to the Forest

As soon as we decided we’d be moving away, I noticed very Buzzy Bees in my Bonnet about things I haven’t managed to do here yet. I haven’t seen much of Europe and… Continue reading

How not to sell a house

        They say that if you want to sell your house you should do certain things, like de-personalise the space so that potential buyers can visualise themselves there. Perhaps buy… Continue reading

The difficult first post

I should say something arresting or profound but we could be waiting all day. I don’t need to explain the blog because hopefully you’ve clicked on the ‘About’ page for that. I’ll just… Continue reading