About this blog

This is the story of the Nichols five as we leave the shores of West Sussex in the UK to make our home in the Free State of South Africa. It’s a journey of about 8338 miles, but it can be measured in many different ways other than mere distance. We don’t really know all the details but we are following what we believe to be God’s leading. For a number of years we have been travelling in and out of Lesotho, helping to set up simple businesses to get church communities self-sustaining there. This move is about relocating nearby to give it our best. A few hours away from Lesotho, we came across the city of Bloemfontein, which seems like a good base. We hope to help gather a multicultural community called church there too.

“What if God’s not real?” Evie asked when the news had settled in her mind for a few days. Colin replied “If God’s not real, then we’re all stuffed.”

Whatever your beliefs, you’re welcome to read this blog – watch and see….!