Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Angel of The South

For anyone reading this from another land, you need to know that England has a huge sculpture called the Angel of the North. Here’s our version, made by Evie when she was in… Continue reading

Collective swooning

What are your Monday mornings usually like? Spare a thought for the nurse who had our family as her first appointment recently. We rolled in, bleary eyed, expecting a fun sort of vaccination-catch-up… Continue reading

You are the boss of you

The Doom. The Doom… Those thoughts that come in the night, when there’s nobody to talk to and no distractions. “What if it all goes wrong and we don’t get visas, what if… Continue reading

“Purging the house of extraneous tat” (Bridget Jones)

It’s a funny thing, clearing out a home. It calls for endless decisions and lots of grit. I think it’s harder if you have any creative bones in your body because you’re constantly… Continue reading


It’s official – it’s September and we’re in Limbo-Land. Limbo Limbo Lim-BO!! And not in a tequila-and-grass-skirts kind of way either, it’s nowhere near as much fun as that. We’ve emptied the attic. So… Continue reading