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Running in our own lane

We have a phrase that gets bandied about in our family of churches – “running in your own lane”, meaning everyone doing what they’re best at, and getting on with it. (Inadequate summary… Continue reading

Even me??

Gym membership is a massive thing here in SA. There’s a breed of ladies here with flat tummies, long legs and toned arms. Some of them are my friends so I know they… Continue reading

Inner Pom-Poms

At school here in SA you have to choose a sport each term, and one of the options at Evie’s school is “pom-poms”!  (We Brits would call it cheerleading, but I’m loving the… Continue reading

Mixing with the poor and famous

Isaac wrote about a day last week for his homework, saying something like “It started off like any other casual day…”. For me, it didn’t start like that at all. I woke up… Continue reading